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Commercial Production


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In addition to the two :30 sec commercials jaminationsdcc created we also produced several personal testimonies.

:30 sec. Commercial for popular Hair salon chain

Jaminations Produced this :30 sec. Commercial for the ICPA in English and Spanish. Jaminations also produced a 15 min. Infomercial that was used to receive a grant for the school.

The Starr Tote was an invention developed by Mr. David Mitchell. Dave came to Jaminations needing a :30 sec. Tv commercial, a 15 min infomercial, Logo and letterhead and business card, post card design and a web site to promote his new product.

:30 second TV Commercial

Jaminations Produced this :30 sec. Commercial for a local independent contractor.  Jaminations shot edited and delivered his commercial with a two day turn around.

Jaminationsdcc will produce your professional quality Television Commercial including: writing, directing, shooting, editing, creating video graphic, 2D and 3D animations. We will develop a marketing plan which can include scheduled broadcast and cable commercial spots.


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