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New Xtreme Sounds

Everyday Cincinnati

Over 500 Episodes

NXSTV is a television program geared towards young men and woman ages 18-45 featuring a variety of entertainment such as: Artist Interviews, Industry News, Prize Giveaways, Music Videos and more. Through music and entertainment we have reached our target market (young adults of today) and enhanced community awareness by highlighting the city’s most exciting events, interesting people, dedicated businesses and upcoming events. NXSTV is also culturally diverse and features a mixture of today’s most popular music and entertainment. For over ten years NXSTV has captured the eyes and ears of young adults in Cincinnati and the surrounding communities. NXSTV is broadcast prime time on the WKRP Cincinnati Television Network and reaches approx. 1,902,500 viewers.

Everyday Cincinnati

Ambush Makeover
Cincinnati Style

NXS Make Me
A Host

Cooking with Soul

MMA Big Show

As you can imagine producing a broadcast television show like New Xtreme Sounds (NXSTV) for the past 11 years it would be impossible for us to adequately highlight all that we have done on the show. But as you can see jaminationsdcc has a lot of experience in all fasces of television and film production. Over the years we have shot/ recorded, edited, and produced segments for literally thousands of local and national interviews, reviews, concerts, plays, special events, business profiles, commercials, infomercial, etc... If you would like to see more of what NXSTV is all about please follow this link.

Cooking With Soul Make Me A Host Ambush Makeover MMA Big Show Everyday Cincinnati